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Attention Realtors: How’d You Like To Snap Your Fingers And Have Your Very Own Professionally Published Book… With Your Name And Picture On The Cover… Sounds amazing right? You ain’t heard nothing yet.

The One Real Estate Book That Will...

Bring You New Clients…

Turn You Into A Local Real Estate Celebrity…

Make You One Of The Most Respected Realtors In Your Area…

Just Give Your Book Away For FREE And Watch It Bring You New Clients Like Crazy!!!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever
imagine I’d have my own book. It’s
turned my business around. I’m like a
celebrity in my local market. It’s
establishing me as one of the leading
new business owners in my community.
My company is now seen in a completely
different light. I wish I had done this

Veronica Edwards

From: Veronica Edwards

Owner/Broker Elite Real Estate and Property Management

Date: Tuesday, 4:01PM

It’s true… Read on.

You can pack your agency with new clients and referrals, and turn yourself into a semi-famous realtor, in the process.

Who’d Have Thought That Someday You’d Have Your Own Book?

You have no idea the feeling you get, when you look down at a book with YOUR NAME AND PICTURE on it. Not to mention bringing recognition to yourself, and your agency.

You’ll Become A Local Celebrity

If you’re like most realtors, you are surrounded by dozens of other agencies, competing for the same business. You’ve tried a handful of marketing and advertising methods. How many realtors do you know that have published their own book?

If your marketing and advertising is working for you now, wait till you see how your business grows after publishing your own book on today’s “in’s & out’s” of the real estate game.

You’ll gain the prestige of being the published author of a fabulous book on the benefits of real estate in your market.

Here’s What You Can Expect When You Have Your Own Professionally Published Real Estate Book:

  • You get more new clients because you become the logical choice for people when they’re looking for a top-notch realtor! It’s such a great thing when you don’t have to worry about getting new clients and people are coming to you because of your expert author status.
  • You get more respect from new and prospective clients because you’re view as an expert and real estate authority!
  • Your peers and competitors will view you more professionally.
  • You get much more word of mouth advertising for you agency. People will be talking about the fact that you have your own book.
  • You get free publicity from local newspapers and radio stations (They’re always looking to interview published authors.) The additional free publicity you get from your book can easily be worth an entire year’s worth of paid advertising!
  • You’ll get referrals as clients pass around your book to their friends and family members!
  • You’re existing clients will be more loyal. They believe in your
  • And more…

Here’s The Deal:

My marketing and advertising is handled by Specialty Marketing Consultants. Several month’s ago they came to me with the idea of publishing my own book on real estate.

My initial thoughts were, “It’s got to be a monumental task writing and publishing your own book.”

I Was Wrong.

All I had to do was spend a couple of 1-hour sessions on a recorded phone call with them. Then, a proof read and edit, 60 pages at a time.

That was all I had to do. They did everything else — and I mean EVERYTHING!

  • Front cover
  • Back cover
  • Testimonials
  • Chapters
  • Book title
  • Publishing
  • Editing
  • Provided copies

Soup To Nuts, And It Only Took Me A Few Hours…And I Had My Own Book!

As I’m sure you can imagine, this was no easy feat. The folks at SMC produced a highly professional product.

I was completely surprised when I not only received my book, I was blown away at the fact that SMC does all of this under a “Ghost Writing Agreement”. What does that mean?

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