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Are You Ready
To Open The Floodgates
To 100% Commissions…
…and Cutting-Edge


If you’re really serious about your business, and want to make more money… I urge you close your door, turn off your cell phone, and read every word on this page…

As you probably know, one of the hottest trends in real estate today are the ‘100% agent commission’ programs. They’re popping up everywhere.

The concept is simple.

You sell a house, and keep all the commission you earned. No longer will you be required to give a huge chunk of your money back to your broker.

Let me say that again…


When you are a part of our team, I will do everything possible to see that you close every deal that comes your way. That’s because, when you’re successful, the agency is successful!

I’ll talk more about this in a moment.

No doubt, the prospects of getting 100% commission is very attractive.

But, the big question is, which agency can offer you the best “overall” package. In my opinion, it should be the company that offers you the most opportunities for support and growth.

Do your research. You’ll find plenty of “bold promises” out there. But, one thing you won’t find is the “one big thing” that will help you grow your business the fastest.

What makes this program different from all the other
100% agency commission programs out there?



That’s right. Trust-based, relationship-building “marketing.”

Marketing is the engine that runs every successful small business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a realtor, dentist, or candle maker. To grow your business fast, you need good marketing.

It’s mind-boggling to me that…

…No agency owners talk about
or ways to help their agents.

They leave it up to YOU.

To me, that’s no way to build loyalty.

For most aggressive realtors, there’s always room for growth. Every agent I know wants to make more money. But here’s the catch, and it’s a BIGGIE…

Most agents don’t have time to do marketing.

And, if you did have time, you probably advertising your services the old, outdated ways. That seldom works any more. Your prospects have seen all those old, “dog and pony” shows.

You need something fresh. Advertising that allows you to show up like no other agent you compete with.

And now the game-changer…

If you join my agency commission program, you’ll have an entire marketing division squarely behind you.

Here’s why
I feel that way…

About 3 years ago, I met a guy who opened my eyes to marketing.  Good marketing, not the kind of marketing we’re taught at industry seminars.

I started attending Rod’s weekly marketing classes. I eventually hired him as my marketing consultant.

I’ve never looked back!

Rod has done wonders for my business. Candidly, I don’t know where I’d be today, if not for him.

Here’s where you’ll benefit
from what I’ve learned…

Rod has joined forces with my agency. He’s going to work closely with the agents who join our ‘100% commission program.’ 

To my knowledge, I don’t know of ANY other agency in Florida that has anything like this. Certainly not in our area.

I’m giddy
with excitement!

This is a very unique opportunity for any agent who is really serious about growing their business.

Whether you’re a rookie… or seasoned vet, having someone with Rod’s marketing expertise on-board, is a sweet opportunity.

I challenge you to find another real estate company offering 100% commission programs anything like ours.

  1. Rod has his own small business marketing podcast on iTunes and IHeartRadio
  2. He has an outstanding book on ‘trust-based’ marketing
  3. He’s a marketing consultant, and hosts several on-going marketing events in our area
  4. He produces a printed monthly marketing newsletter, which, as a member, you’ll receive every month

Bottom line, Rod’s the real deal!

What’s all his mean for you?


As a member of our team, you’ll have private access to Rod’s invaluable marketing knowledge and mentorship.

For example…

  • You’ll be able to can sit in on our monthly “live” coaching calls, and ask Rod questions about YOUR business…
  • You’ll also be able to attend monthly mastermind meetings in my office…

You’ll also receive…

  • Your own “pre-written” newsletter templates. Simply add your name and contact information, and mail them…
  • “Fill-in-the-blank” sales letters to build rapport with your prospects…
  • Choice to attend free “live” monthly mastermind meetings…
  • Options to have your your OWN, personalized website … 

All these tools will be at your fingertips when you become part of our team.

Most agents know
they need to do marketing,
but here’s the rub…

Most agents spend the majority of their time prospecting, “hoping” the next call is the lead they’ve been desperately waiting for.

While “floor time” leads are nice, they’re not the way to grow your business fast.


“Hope” is a terrible strategy

This is a much better business model. It provides you real marketing, plus amazing value and support.

Invaluable value you’re not going to get anywhere else.

Here’s the deal…

We are looking for a core group of agents who want to be a part of something special.

I want you to be an intricate part of what we’re building. I want your feedback, so we know exactly what you need for your clients and prospects.

The monthly
introductory investment
is only $299

Please keep in mind….

As soon as we reach 15 agents…
this offer
is OFF the table.

I’ll eventually open things up again down the road, but it will be at a higher monthly fee.  

If you’re interested in getting in on the “ground floor” of something very special, I urge you to give me a call while this is on your mind, and before another agent grabs your slot.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Veronica Edwards

(386) 615-1000


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